Window Treatment Hardware

Window treatment hardware generally refers to the materials that are necessary to both install and enhance the fabric or other covering that is used to cover the windows. This may include:

  • Curtain rods
  • Decorative end pieces for the curtain rods
  • Support pieces for the curtain rods
  • Screws required to install the curtain rods
  • Tie backs that enable the window treatments to be held open.


Types of Window Treatment Hardware

Years ago, choosing window treatment hardware was as simple as figuring out the length of the curtain rod. There were very few options and the majority of people opted for white curtain rods that were not ornamental. Now, consumers have a virtually unlimited variety of options. Although some pieces of hardware are used for the installation of the window treatments, the majority of the hardware is used for decorative purposes. Because of this, there are options created for all different styles.

Curtain rods can be constructed out of a variety of materials. The most popular options are metals of many different finishes, as well as an assortment of wood and plastic models. Another aspect of window treatment hardware that can include a wide array of options is the decorative end pieces on the end of curtain rods. Again metals, woods, plastics, and glass are all popular materials for end pieces. The end pieces also come in countless sizes and shapes that range from simple balls to geometric shapes to elaborate carvings of animals.

Buying Window Treatment Hardware

With so many options available, searching for the perfect window treatment hardware can be an overwhelming and time consuming experience. While some elements such as the screws and support pieces are functional in nature, the majority of pieces are decorative. While the more ornamental pieces are chosen more subjectively, the functional pieces are chosen more easily because they meet clearly defined criteria. The d��cor of the room, budget, and personal style are all factors that are considered when choosing decorative window treatment hardware.


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