Window Treatments

A window treatment is used to dress up or change the look of a window or group of windows in a room. Very often, window treatments are one of several techniques used in interior decorating to spruce up a room. Window treatments cover everything from curtains to valences to shades and blinds-not to mention the hardware such as finials, rods, hooks, and tiebacks that goes with them. There are a number of choices available when it comes to window treatments.

Types of Window Treatments

Window treatments are sometimes broken down into two categories:

  • Soft window treatments - curtains.

Whether you're going for a country, modern, or formal look, each one will probably utilize a different style of window treatment. For example, lace curtains for the country look, sleek mini-blinds to match the paint color of a modern d��cor, or a valance or swag and panel curtains for more formal furnishings.

Selecting Window Treatments

In order to choose a style of window treatment that is best for your d��cor, it is helpful to know what styles are available.

1. Blinds

Blinds consist of a series of slats in different widths that are made of wood, faux wood, metal, or vinyl. Most blinds are horizontal and are good for regulating light as well as privacy. Vertical blinds are often used for sliding glass doors.

2. Natural woven shades

These are made from natural materials such as bamboo or grass and are excellent if you need filtered light. With these types of window treatments, the hardware is not meant to be visible. This is in contrast to soft window treatments in which hardware plays an important part.

3. Panel curtains

The most common type of curtain, consists of two panels of fabric that frame either side of the window.

4. Pleated or cellular shades

Delicate-looking, can be dressed up with curtains or left as is.

5. Roman and balloon shades

Roman and ballon shades are made of fabric, can be either casual or formal in appearance depending on the type of fabric used.

6. Shutters

Shutters are terrific for privacy while allowing natural light into the room at the same time.

7. Valances

Valances are short curtains that span across the window to decorate the top of it, usually used in conjunction with panel curtains.