Swags & Valences

Swags and valences are types of curtains that can be used to accent a window. Because neither provides much shade or privacy, swags and valences are mainly for decoration.

Swag curtains are any type of curtains that are attached at two points and drape down, unconnected, in the middle. Other things can be used for swags, such as beads. Swagging is also a term applied to other types of curtains when they are hung at two or more points with free material draping in the middle.

Valences are short curtains, between 12- and 16-inches long. They can be used alone or in combination with drapes or other curtains.

Overview of Swags

Swag curtains come in any type of fabric. Because it is more of a process than a specific type of curtain, the only real key to swag curtains is that they hang down. Swag curtains can be used alone, or to accent drapes and blinds on the window. Because they are relatively simple to make and install, swag curtains are a favorite for those who want to make their own curtains. They will require a pole of some sort, as well as a method of attachment so that they remain draped in place.

Overview of Valences

Valence curtains are an excellent option because they add the charm of curtains without blocking sunlight or breezes. These, too, can come in any type of material-the best material for valence curtains depends on the look that they are complimenting. They can be a simple, flat line of material, or can be pleated. Valence curtains can also be swagged. For more formal valence curtains, tassels and scalloping, or other decorative measures, can be used.