Wood Blinds

One of the most beautiful types of window treatments on the market today is the wood blind. A wood blind is a device made out of wood material that is pulled down to shut out the light from a window. Blinds have been around since around 1770 and the design still remains just as simple today as it did back then.

Wood Blind Construct

Horizontal wood blinds and vertical wood blinds are made from a variety of different woods ranging from basswood, which is native to Europe and Mexico to American Hardwood. A typical wood blind is made up of a series of flat, horizontal slats that are connected by a series of light and heavy-duty strings. A turning rod and pulling strings are used to operate the blinds manually. The user may adjust the wood blinds to allow various amounts of light to filter between the slats and into a room.

Why Choose Wood Blinds?

While the main function of wood blinds is to keep the light out, unlike other types of blinds and fabric window treatments, wood blinds are also good natural insulators. Wood blinds are a great alternative to shutters and they are very easy to install over windows. While the most popular type of wood blinds are horizontal with narrow slats, wood blinds are also available in vertical styles with wide slats and even woven wood styles. Wood look-alike or "faux" wood styles are popular window treatments as well.

Types of Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are available in a variety of rich colors including, but not limited to, maple, cherry, and walnut. Sandblasted finishes, distressed looks and plantation shutter looks are also available as well as a variety of custom colors and designs.

Woven wood blinds are popular because each blind offers a variety of different lighting effects. Woven wood blinds are actual slats of wood that have been woven together to create a solid blind. Woven wood blinds are either folded or rolled up for maximum light or left down to achieve a sporadic lighting pattern.

Faux-wood blinds are a great idea for those interested in achieving the attractive appearance of wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are made of a wood-polymer mix or 100% polymer. They offer the look of real wood for less and are low-maintenance. Faux wood blinds are popular window treatments for kitchens and bathrooms and they available in a variety of colors ranging from white and natural to dark cherry.

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