Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar alarm systems are a necessity for anyone who wants to protect their home or business investments from those who might try to steal their property. A burglar alarm system has the capabilities of determining when there is an unauthorized entry into a residence or a place of business.


How Burglar Alarms Work

When the alarm system detects this unauthorized entry, it may emit an audible warning to the trespasser, send a warning to a 24-hour a day monitoring center or do a combination of the two. When an alarm is tripped and a warning is sent to a monitoring center, they typically try to contact the homeowner or business owner to determine if the alarm was accidentally tripped. The owner of the property is usually required to give the monitoring center representative a pre-determined security code. If the owner cannot provide this code or does not respond at all, the monitoring center will contact the local police department to investigate the cause of the alarm. The purpose of a burglar alarm system is not only to protect your family but to also protect your personal property or business inventory. Thieves are much more likely to attempt to steal from a property that is not protected by a burglar alarm system than they are to rob a home with an alarm system.

Types of Burglar Alarm Systems

There are many different types of burglar alarm systems available. Doing adequate research before contacting several burglar alarm system vendors will help to ensure that you choose the burglar alarm system that is most appropriate for your home or business. The most popular types of burglar alarm systems have a device installed on access points to the property such as doors or windows. When the alarm system is activated, opening these access points will trip the alarm. These systems also usually include a keypad that can be used by the property owner to arm and disarm the system. There is usually a short delay that allows the property owner to enter the property and disarm the system before the alarm is activated. More complex burglar alarm systems often include motion detectors. These are helpful if a burglar enters the property through an access point that does not have an alarm mechanism installed. The burglar may access the property but once they are inside, the motion detectors will detect his presence and the alarm will trip. The name motion detector is somewhat deceptive, as in most cases these systems detect minute temperature changes that represent movement.