Card Access Systems

Card access systems are employed by a large number of businesses. These systems allow the company to provide access only to authorized personnel and do not require the locks to be changed when an employee quits or is terminated. Their card can simply be deactivated. Nowadays, it is unlikely to work for a major corporation without being required to carry at least an access card and possibly a picture identification card as well.


Why Card Access Systems Are Needed

These precautions are necessary so that building and office managers can have control over who is allowed access to the building or areas of the building and when this access is allowed. Businesses who deal with proprietary information, in particular, require card access to control entrance to their office. Typically the system consists of an access point reader at the doors and each employee carries a coded card that will permit them to enter the building. The employee either swipes their card or places it against the reader and the program determines if the employee is authorized to enter.

Uses for Card Access Systems

Card access systems can be used for a variety of purposes. The most basic purpose of card access systems is to allow only authorized personnel to enter the building. Typically entrance into the building is allowed 24 hours per day, seven days per week to authorized card holders but there can be restrictions placed on this system. For example, the access card system could be programmed to deny access even to card holders after a certain time. The system can also be installed and programmed in a way that would allow entrance to the building to all employees but may limit access to certain areas in the building to only a few employees. For example, the company may wish to install a card access system reader at the entrance to the room in which the network server or other equipment is stored. This system could be programmed to only allow specific employees to enter this room. Another less known purpose for card access systems is that the business owner can track the movements of their employees. Each access card has a specific card that associates that card with a particular employee. The system logs each time the employee uses their card to gain access to the building and can print out a file documenting when employees enter and through which door they enter. This information can be useful for determining the hours that were worked or which employees were in the building when a crime occurred.