Police Equipment

As homeowners become more technologically sophisticated, and more worried about home security, many turn to police equipment to protect themselves and their homes. Security items such as hidden cameras and pepper spray, once only used for covert operations or apprehending criminals, are now standard issue in many American homes. Although there is an ample supply of security items marketed for the average homeowner, many prefer the equipment used by the professionals, feeling it is more effective at keeping them safe. Many companies also sell supplies, such as first aid kits and cleansers, which many homeowners feel are more effective than those marketed to consumers.


Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are some of the most popular and widely used security items. They can be mounted on the home's exterior, or surrounding the premises, allowing homeowners to monitor their property. They are also used inside the home, particularly as "nanny cams," to monitor activity while the homeowner is away. In this case, the cameras are usually hidden in an ordinary household object, and are undetectable with a casual glance. Hidden cameras usually use videotape, which can be viewed by the homeowner later. When used for home security, the camera usually feeds directly to a television or monitor, allowing the homeowner a live look inside and outside their home.

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Night Vision Instruments

Night vision accessories are also sold by many companies, in the form of goggles, cameras, binoculars, flashlights, and sights for firearms. Thermal imaging, or infrared, equipment is also sold, and can be used for residential, surveillance, and industrial purposes. Several kinds of scanners and detectors are also sold, including metal detectors, and detectors that can identify chemical, biological, or nuclear agents.

Safety and First-Aid Supplies

Homeowners can also buy first aid kits, cleaning products, biohazard supplies, safety vests, safety cones, and drug testing kits. For communications, many companies sell microphones, ear phones, and concealed microphones and ear phones.

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Self-Defense Tools

For personal protection, homeowners can buy everything from defensive sprays to personal alarms to body armor. Several companies market police-quality pepper spray and mace, which is often packaged in unobtrusive, easy-to-carry containers that attach to key chains or resemble pens. These protective sprays can be carried in the purse or pocket, or kept nearby while at home, providing the homeowner with a quick, effective way to temporarily disable intruders and gain enough time to call for help.