Safety Consultants

Safety consultants can help you ensure your home is safe for you, your children, your pets, and your visitors. Because they have in-depth knowledge of common safety hazards, they can spot problems homeowners may have missed, and can help them put together a plan to make their whole home safer.


What Safety Consultants Do

Safety consultants start with a survey of the home, going through it room-by-room and also examining the exterior. They also ask about their clients' families and lifestyles, so they can customize a plan that fits into their lives; they usually provide a written estimate of the cost of recommended changes. They often provide a free initial consultation, and can help homeowners choose the lowest-price, highest-quality items. Many safety consultants also perform installation of safety items like child gates and locks, smoke detectors, or security systems. In addition, many safety consultants also speak and teach on safety subjects, and frequently make safety-related presentations to groups like homeowners' associations or neighborhood watch groups.

Who Hires Safety Consultants?

Safety consultants are frequently used by new parents to help them child-proof their homes, but can also help new homeowners, people who plan to run a business from their homes, people with pets, or anyone who wants to take extra measures to make their home safer and more secure.

Specialized Safety Consultants

While many safety consultants perform general safety evaluations, some specialize in specific areas. Electrical safety consultants check wiring, appliances, and fixtures for defects, and to make sure they're being used properly. Fire safety consultants focus on common fire hazards, such as faulty electrical wiring, overloaded electrical outlets, or a lack of smoke detectors. They may help clients choose and install safety items such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Child safety consultants specialize in child-proofing homes. Many are trained in child development, so they know what is most dangerous for children of specific ages, helping you tailor your home for your family.

Other Safety Issues Safety Consultant Address

Some safety consultants also help pet-proof a home, pointing out trouble spots like toxic houseplants, or small objects the animal could chew up and choke on. Security consultants analyze how vulnerable a home is to burglars and other intruders. They may evaluate locks, doors, and windows to make sure they are sturdy enough, and may help owners identify weak spots, such as shrubs or bushes that provide a hiding space for intruders. They may also recommend security and alarm systems that match a homeowner's needs and budget.