Security Guard Services

Today's home security systems are highly technical and complex systems of zones and color-coded symbols that trigger a call to the local fire or police department or even an ambulance. Their purpose is to discourage intruders from entering in the first place and to keep the home's occupants safe if the mechanism is violated.


Types of Security Systems

The most sophisticated systems work on motion detection and can distinguish between people and other moving objects (such as dogs or cats). Some of the sensors used in security systems utilize technologies like ultrasonic transducers or heat detectors. Regardless of the mechanism used, their purpose is the same: to ensure the safety of those who live at the residence and to prevent strangers with the intent of burglarizing or causing bodily harm from entering.

Wired and Wireless Security Guard Services

Some systems are wireless, while others operate by the transmission of certain signals from sensors to a central control unit (or units). Wired systems are usually more expensive to install but offer an added bonus of being able to detect tampering with the wires. While less costly, wireless systems have the disadvantage of being generally less reliable. A third option is a "hybrid" system which combines the benefits of both wired and wireless security systems. A few alarm companies will offer the alarm system itself for no charge and simply charge the homeowner for the surveillance and monitoring that comes with it.

The Home Security Market

Big players in the market of home security systems are: ADT, Brinks, and GE. Systems can range in cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars upwards of several thousand dollars. The final cost will be based on the particular homeowner's needs, the size of the home, and the level of sophistication and response desired. Brinks, for example, includes "one touch emergency buttons," whereby the homeowner or resident can push a button and, immediately, the fire department, medical response team (with an ambulance) or local police department will be dispatched. This one-touch feature is particularly helpful in homes with small children who won't necessarily be able to dial a series of numbers to reach someone in an emergency, but will certainly be able to push a button with a picture of an orange flame to call the fire department.

Advertise Your Home Security System

If you do invest in a home security system, whatever price point you choose, be sure to advertise your purchase to would-be intruders. Most alarm companies will provide decals and yard signs at no extra charge. And while you wouldn't announce the acquisition of your grandmother's antique jewelry collection, this is one investment you'll definitely want to publicize.