Wireless Home Automation

X10 - it sounds like the name of a robot from one of the Star Wars movies, and in fact, that connection isn't as far off as it might seem. X10 is the industry leader in home automation devices and was the first domotic technology (computer and robot technology combined), originating in Scotland in the mid-1970s.


What Is Wireless Home Automation?

Wireless home automation allows people to communicate with their appliances remotely and wirelessly. Home automation focuses on three primary categories: lighting, entertainment, and security. Devices that operate with domotic technology are those that allow the resident to control lamps, televisions, and alarms, using highly advanced remote controls or voice activated commands. The stated goal of companies that manufacture such devices is to make our lives safer, more convenient, and more fun.

Price of Wireless Home Automation

The average homeowner is probably wondering what the price tag is for this modicum of convenience and security. Costs for home automation systems vary widely among the selection of products. On the cheaper end of the scale, you would find a relatively simple chime that alerts you to the presence of a new person. Because the technology is already more than 20 years old and demand is great, prices have dropped tremendously recently. Consumers should still do their research, however, before buying any kind of home automation device. Make sure it will really fit your needs and lifestyle.