Carpet Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, carpeted floors are much easier to keep clean than bare floors, but eventually all carpeted floors will need to be cleaned. Carpet cleaning is any method that is used to remove dirt, debris, soil and stains from carpeted floors. Clean carpets are not only considered sanitary, but they are also very pleasing to the eye. Depending on the industry or type of carpet, be it Berber or pile, many different methods of carpet cleaning may be employed. Carpet cleaning may be as simple as occasional spot removal or regular vacuuming or as precise as professional steam cleaning.


Different Ways To Clean Your Carpet

The method employed depends on the amount of foot traffic, preference and price. Common types of carpet cleaning include: powder, foam, steam and shampoo cleaning. Powder cleaning uses absorbent powders that contain a dry cleaning solution that helps to dissolve soil and oil. Once the dirt is dissolved the absorbent powder component absorbs the dissolved materials. The powder is applied to the carpet by hand in a sprinkling motion, but it can be worked into the carpet with an electric brush to lessen the labor load. Once the carpet is dry, which is usually a short amount of time, a vacuum is used to complete the process for a clean, fresh finish.

The dry foam carpet cleaning method is one of the oldest carpet cleaning methods. This rapid drying, low moisture method uses an aerator to whip the cleaning solution into a fluffy foam. The foam is released into the rotating brushes of the carpet cleaner as the user pushes the machine at a precise pace��not too fast, not too slow. This pace is continued until he space is complete. With this method, as with all methods of carpet cleaning, the area must be vacuumed thoroughly before cleaning. Shampooing is one of the most common and easiest do-it-yourself methods of carpet cleaning. Shampoo carpet cleaners may be bought or rented from just about any supermarket or hardware store.

The machine uses special shampoos and scrubbing bristles to clean the carpet. While the shampoo method is considered an effective method, steam cleaning, also called hot water extraction, or professional cleaning is recommended. With steam cleaning, hot water may be used alone to extract dirt or with a very small amount of detergent. The hot water removes dirt and oil as well as detergent residues from previous cleaning attempts.