Tile Cleaning

Did you know that kerosene is supposed to remove rust stains on tiles? Did you know that by running a hot shower just before cleaning, steam will loosen dirt on bathroom tiles? Just as there seems to be an unlimited selection of tiles these days, there seems to be almost as many handy tips, tricks, and solutions to cleaning them.


Tile Cleaning and Common Sense

The easiest way of keeping tiles clean and minimizing necessary elbow grease is to use common sense. Sweep (or vacuum) and mop tiles on a regular basis. If some orange juice spills, wipe up the mess right after it happens. Don't wait for it to dry sticky, offering a welcoming mat for all nearby dirt. By using common sense, cleaning and maintenance of tiles does not require much work.

Cleaning Grout

The cement concoction connecting tiles (grout) is probably the hardest part of cleaning a tiled floor. That's why it is important to cover those seams with a quality grout sealer about every six months or so. Sandpaper, pencil erasers, and a solution of bleach and water are all recommended to do the trick as well. Bathtubs and showers might need a commercial bathroom or all-purpose cleaner to break down the layers of soap and lime.

Home-Made Tile Cleaning Solutions

Mildew can be prevented by scrubbing group joints with water and bleach. The mixture of one-half cup white vinegar with a gallon hot water provides a natural solution safe for cleaning hardwood, linoleum, and almost any tiled floor. To make ceramic tiles on the wall or counter really sparkle, rub it with car wax; then buff after 10 minutes. Unglazed tiles are porous and will require more attention. The solutions never seem to end. Homemade solutions are passed on by neighbors. They are found in cookbooks and online.

Commercial Tile Cleaning Solutions

In addition to the home-made concoctions including lemon, vinegar, and baking soda, a huge selection of commercial and all-purpose cleaners are located on store shelves, on infomercials, and online. Some advertise being particularly strong in removing mildew while others promote a fresh citrus scent. Choose the one with the benefits most important to your cleaning needs.

Some Last Tile Cleaning Tips

Be sure to use protective gloves when using commercial and home-made solutions as they may irritate skin. Don't forget that a regular cleaning routine coupled with common sense minimizes the energy and time spent on potential tile cleaning. And, as common sense recommends, the less area to clean, the easier the job is to finish.