Tile Cleaning

Whether it's tile walls, shower tiles, or tile floors, bathroom tile is considered one of the toughest tiles on earth to clean, especially if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. Residues ranging from shampoos and soap to dirt tend to stick like glue to tiled surfaces. Because tiles are typically used in spaces that are steamy, wet or moist the majority of the time, mold and mildew are also a common problem. To combat these problems, there are numerous methods and products on the market that can help clean tile.


Light vs. Heavy-Duty Tile Cleaning

Cleaning tile or tile cleaning is any method that is used to remove harmful mold and mildew, dirt, and chemical residues from tile and the crevices surrounding the tile. If cleaning tile is done on a regular basis, basic household cleaners, along with a brush or sponge and hot water will do. But for heavy-duty tile cleaning, it may take an industrial strength cleaner and a scrubbing machine or a serious amount of elbow grease.

Floor Tile Cleaning

For cleaning tile on floors, the conventional method for cleaning is with a simple detergent or soap, and warm water. Sweep or vacuum tiled floors first to remove loose dirt, then clean with the detergent/water mixture. Rinse the tile with water and allow to air dry. For bathroom tiles that are cleaned on a regular basis, a brush, tile cleaner and warm water may be used to remove any dirt or small amounts of soap scum. If the tile surface is severe enough, steam tile cleaning may be the answer.

Steam Cleaning Tile

Steam cleaning tile isn't actually based on steam, but rather a continuous "blast" of high water pressure to the surface. The continuous stream of hot water loosens the dirt, film, and mildew and allows the tiled surface to be wiped clean after blasting. There is no need for detergents, cleaning solutions, or scrubbing. Steam cleaning tile is gentle enough to be considered safe for the majority of tiled surfaces, but powerful enough to remove dirt and film from tough to clean spaces such as cracks and molding. While steam cleaning is safe for most tiled surfaces, painted tile may be susceptible to damage. The powerful blast from steam cleaning tile may chip loose paint. Overall, steam cleaning tile provides a sparkling finish.