Pest Control

They outnumber us. From bees to roaches, ants, mice, termites, gnats, and flies, all manner of insects and rodents share the world with humanity. As unwelcome as many are in homes and work places, they are a part of life. It is a fact that you may have to live with, but the good news is you don't have to live with the pests themselves.


The Purpose of Pest Control

Pest control gives people the proper weaponry in the war against bugs and other intruders in homes. The proper application of pest control, be it chemical or mechanical, will provide relief not only from encountering pests, but from the health risks they sometimes bring along with them.

There are three simple goals to proper pest control. First, get rid of pests, either by killing, trapping, or driving them away. Second, prevent the pests from returning, whether they are the same ones or their offspring. Third, keep people safe from any side effects that may come along with pest controls.

Best Pest Prevention: Sanitation

The first approach to pest control is prevention. Good sanitation is the best weapon--after all, bugs might not come calling if they don't smell food, but if they do, it is only a matter of time before you are sharing your space with them. Once you discover a problem, however, the next question to consider is whether to handle it yourself or hire a professional.

Mechanical and Chemical Pest Controls

Either way you proceed, there are usually different approaches to removing a pest. Mechanical and chemical are the basic divisions of method; mousetraps, wire poles, cages, and the like are fairly effective at removing pests the size of rodents or larger. But when it comes to the creepy crawly variety, chemicals are probably the best choice.

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