Pest Control Supplies

If you are trying to eliminate critters in or around your home, there are many different pest control methods to choose from. Depending on the type of pest problem you are experiencing, each method will require its own set of supplies. For serious pest problems, it may be best to consult an exterminator. If the problem is mild to moderate, you may be able to combat the problem on your own, with the right pest control supplies.


What are Pests?

Pests are any type of small animal considered hazardous to people or crops. A pest may also be any type of animal that is considered annoying. Pests may range from chipmunks in the attic to cockroaches in the cupboard.

Chemical Pest Controls

Pest control supplies are any of the different types of products or materials that are used to aid in the management of these pests. Pest control supplies are either chemical or non-chemical, and they may be used in just about any type of environment. Chemical pest control supplies work by crippling the nervous system on contact. Chemical pest control supplies may range from poisonous powders and gooey gels to sprays; they are also available in granule or edible form. Chemical pest control supplies are often used for smaller pests such as ants and cockroaches.

Non-Chemical Pest Controls

Chemical pest control supplies are fatal, whereas non-chemical pest control supplies are typically non-fatal. Non-chemical pest control supplies are preferred by environmentalists and those interested in a more humane way to control pests. With the exception of rat traps, non-chemical supplies simply scare the animal into hunting for food elsewhere rather than harm them. Live traps are somewhat popular, but some consider them to be too much work. Sound wave machines and motion-activated sprinklers are considered safe and effective, with little or no maintenance. Deterrents such as these are typically used for larger pests such as squirrels or raccoons, and they are great for backyards and attics.

Using Pest Controls Safely

The vast majority of chemical pest control supplies are very effective, but these poisonous supplies can also be harmful to your pets and children. When purchasing chemical pest control supplies, familiarize yourself with the contents and the safety instructions. It is best to keep pets away from treated areas, and all pest control supplies should be securely stored away from children. Chemical pest control supplies may be purchased online or from practically any home supplies store. You will find a wide variety of non-chemical pest control suppliers online.