Four Remodeling Secrets for Paint Color Choices with No Fear

Why does the process of choosing interior paint colors always feel so stressful? A painting project tends to be as inexpensive and simple as remodeling gets, but most likely you've never met a homeowner who hasn't agonized over a paint color decision.


What strikes that kind of fear into the hearts of otherwise confident remodeling gurus? Maybe you imagine the mocking laughter of visiting children, the sneers of disgust from friends and neighbors alike, the poorly attended dinner parties and lonely summer bar-b-ques--all because your beige paint of choice featured cool tones instead of warm.

Even if you're not quite that stressed about it, you can ease your remodeling worries by following these four simple tips for choosing great interior paint colors:

1. Paint Color Swatches at Home Depot are Not Your Only Friend. How did homeowners choose paint colors before those rows and rows of swatches showed up at paint and home improvement stores? As invaluable as they are for narrowing down your choices, the colors on the swatches never look exactly the same painted on your wall. Make sure to purchase a pint or other small sample of your chosen color, paint a section of your room, and live with it for a while. Small steps before you take the big leap can remove a great deal of anxiety.

2. Don't Be Too Trendy with Your Interior Paint Colors. Unless you can't think of a better way to pass the time than painting, try to find other outlets for your trendy side. A turquoise purse can be easily replaced. A turquoise kitchen�� not so much. A better remodeling plan includes choosing somewhat neutral paint colors and enhancing the room with trendy accessories like pillows, picture frames, and area rugs.

3. Don't Paint Your Room White Unless You're Trying to Make a Statement. Stark white modern interiors can be strikingly beautiful, but most homeowners choose white because they lack confidence or imagination. Remember that dingy white-ish color your landlord painted every interior wall of your first college apartment? You can do better than that now, can't you? Experiment with one of the many computer-based remodeling tools out there to help you choose an interior paint color, such as Color Visualizer at ManageMyHome.com or Color Smart at Behr.com.

4. Consider the Function of Your Room Before Choosing a Paint Color. Do you really want to wake up to a bright pink bedroom every day or entertain in a gloomy living room painted all black? You might love that bright pink but unless you're a 4-year-old girl, you're likely to become quickly annoyed by such an energetic color in your sleeping space.

Remember, you shouldn't have to feel stressed about choosing interior paint colors. You already know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that you won't be able to please everyone who walks in the door. Just make sure you please yourself with whatever color you choose.


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