HVAC Maintenance for Winter

With cold weather on the way, you're going to depend on your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to keep you snug until summer comes. If you perform routine upkeep on your furnace, heat pump, and filter systems, chances are good you'll experience a comfortable winter. Most of the supplies you'll need are available at any home services store. In some cases, though, it's just smarter to call in an HVAC professional for annual servicing.

Keeping It Clean
Your gas-powered furnace system simply works more efficiently if you change out the filter every other month during the winter when it's in high use. And put fresh lubrication on the fan motor at least once a year, preferably before months of heavy service. If you're on an oil-powered system, you'll get better operation and longer wear by having in a pro to swap out the fuel filter and clean the jets and flue.

Fall HVAC Maintenance
In the fall, especially, you should schedule a routine inspection to adjust blower belts, seek out cracks in the heat exchanger, and measure gas pressure. Loose belts mean your heater has to work harder to reach your desired temperature. You'll sleep better, too, if you have a carbon monoxide test done by a professional.


Save Some Money
Getting a home services technician out to inspect your ductwork and clean it annually can save on operating costs. Another way to reduce costs is to have a professional swap out your old thermostat with a programmable one that allows you to routinely drop temperatures when no one is scheduled to be home.

Safety First
Be sure to check at the beginning of the cold months for safety concerns. Never store flammable solvents, paint, gasoline, or cleaning solutions in the same physical space as your furnace. A quick glance at your HVAC system and surrounding areas could prevent a disastrous fire.