Portable Fans

Portable fans are not what they used to be. They're a whole lot more. Available in everything from a hand-held model with foam rubber blades to large oscillating fans that can cool a great room, just about anything you could imagine is out there.

Choosing a Portable Fan

Portable fans increase the comfort level of the room, whether used alone or with air conditioning.

Before purchasing a fan, ask yourself some questions

  • Where will the fan be used? The size of the room is a big determining factor in what you buy.
  • Is the fan to be used in a personal or commercial space?
  • What style will suit your d��cor? If it's for personal use, will the unit work with your decorating style?

Types of Portable Fans

For home use, personal fans have blade sizes ranging from 4" to 7". Their small size makes them ideal for the floor, desk, table, or countertop. Personal fans are also available in a pedestal style. The blades range from 12" to 19", and they're great for large rooms. Floor fans have a versatile tilt head feature. Box fans are highly portable, suitable for almost all home cooling needs. Other kinds of fans include:

1. Window fans

Window fans can provide cool air while saving floor and table space. Their reversible motors and blades allow fresh air to come in or stale air to be pushed out.

2. High velocity fans

These are for commercial use, where they move high volumes of air in large areas like warehouses, factories, and garages.

3. Barrel fans

Barren fans are for commercial use. This portable fan can be used to eliminate dust or fumes from garages or workshops, for speed drying, and to help remove odors in damp or wet basements.

Portable fans for outdoor use are also available, and can offer misting features as well.

Other Uses for Portable Fans

Spills on carpets and the resulting cleanup can be dried faster using a fan. Speed up the drying process for air-dried clothing. Selling your place? Use the fan to get rid of the less desirable odors. Use a fan to help nail polish dry faster. When you have your carpets cleaned, place a fan over them to help dry them out quickly. You could also use one to dry hardwood floors. Place a fan in front of wet artwork to speed up the drying process. Personal fans can be used to dry craft items that would be damaged by use of a heat gun or hair dryer.