Water Supply Systems

Without a water supply system, citizens would be digging their own well, collecting rainwater, and treating it like gold. Ancient Italy, an advanced civilization, was known for its intricate aqueducts that channeled water through city streets, delivering it to homes.


How We Get Water Today

In today's world, we have established municipalities that pump water from various sources like lakes, rivers, and reservoirs and then filter and treat it so that it is useable for consumption. Most of our water supply comes from rainwater and is collected in the form of snow pack.

Intricate piping and canals running hundreds of miles from higher elevations deliver water to treatment centers. Well water, also called ground water, is also a source of water in some communities and is tapped and pumped up to the surface.

The Water Filtration Process

Before water is publicly distributed, it must go through an extensive filtering process. Water is filtered several times before it is treated with chlorine, ultraviolet light, and other chemicals that kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Some communities treat the water with iodine and fluoride. Once water is purified, it is delivered to storage facilities such as water towers where it is kept and monitored to meet the demands of the public.

Some water supply systems provide water not for consumption, but for industries such as agriculture and public safety. This water doesn't have to follow the same purification process as drinking water, although fire hydrants routinely use drinking water unless a severe drought has been issued.

Home Water Supply Systems

Some rural locations don't provide a municipal water supply, making it necessary to establish one within the home. This is best done with a well and a well water system. An electric source must be established to pump the water to the filtration and treatment area. Proper filtration and treatment of pumped and collected water is crucial to remove contaminants and make the water safe. Once the water has been purified, it can be pumped through pipes in the home.

Consider purchasing products from a large reputable company that can provide phone support if self-installing. Well contractors can be used to install the entire system. Make sure that the contractor is certified and has experience in the area and is familiar with building codes. Water is a natural and valuable resource that should be conserved and protected as much as possible.