Bathroom Hardware

It's the small touches that give a room your personal style. Sometimes those small touches come in the form of the hardware you choose for a room. In a bathroom there is a lot of hardware. It's all highly functional, but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish also.


Shower rods, towel bars, towel rings, clothing hooks, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, curtain rods, drawer pulls, door knobs, door hinges, magnified mirrors, lighting fixtures - all of these items are bathroom hardware.

Variety of Bathroom Hardware Styles

The variety of styles that these items come in is extensive. The style that you choose your bathroom hardware in should reflect your personal style. Bathroom hardware is available in styles from contemporary to traditional and everywhere in between.

When new construction is being built, the builder will usually have a standard bathroom hardware package that the homeowner can choose from. These packages will usually have hardware that is neutral in style. The builder will probably also have upgraded packages that have more stylish hardware and these packages will cost more money.

Upgrading to a more expensive package is an option, but another option is to have the builder put in the standard package and change out most of the hardware after you move in. Most bathroom hardware is easily changed, and you will be able to hand pick each item.

A New Look to Your Bathroom: Some Easy, Inexpensive Renovation Ideas

Another reason to change bathroom hardware is to inexpensively give your bathroom a new look if you've been living with the same style for many years. Some of the simplest hardware items to change are the ones that aren't fixed such as toothbrush holders and soap dishes and dispensers.

Shower rods, towel bars and rings, and clothing hooks are also easily exchangeable if you have a little skill with an electric screwdriver. Remove the old hardware, drill new holes if necessary, install the old hardware, and cover up any holes left behind from the old hardware. You'll be amazed at the difference a stylish towel bar will make when it replaces a neutral one.

Another significant change in the appearance to bathroom is to change the cabinetry hardware--the pulls, knobs and hinges. Inexpensive hardware can be purchased at home improvement stores. If you make sure that the size of the hardware and the screw holes in them match up with existing hardware, it is quite an easy process. By exchanging the hardware, you can change the appearance of your bathroom.