Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors and their accessories can add style, finesse, and luxury to any bathroom. They will differ in price and type, as well as framing material. Shapes such as ovals, diamonds, squares and rectangles can be made with elegant iron frames, colored finishes, or fine boarders with ornate embellishments. The initial feel and design of a bathroom can be dictated by the mirror and the framework, and can become a focal point to the room as well.


Mirrors as Space Enhancers

There are so many designs adaptable to decorating elements and accessories that almost any style may be obtained without breaking the bank. Bathroom mirrors make excellent lighting enhancers as well, adding depth and dimension to smaller bathroom spaces by bouncing light sources. Placing smaller decorative mirrors across from windows or along with wall lighting can brighten an entire bathroom in a cost-effective and appealing way.

Repairing Scratches on Bathroom Mirrors

If a bathroom mirror becomes scratched, a good rule of thumb actually involves the thumb: if you cannot drag a thumbnail across the surface of the scratch without it catching in the groove, the scratch may not be buffed out without causing distortion to the reflection. Otherwise, buffing wheels and products can be purchased in order to remove a scratch, and there are many glass specialist services that can include a home visit by a professional glass technician.

Replacing Bathroom Mirrors

In order to replace a worn or scratched bathroom mirror that has been adhered to the wall, a few simple household tools are necessary: a small flat screwdriver, a hammer, and some contact paper. Apply the contact paper to the entire surface of the mirror. Use the hammer to tap lightly against the surface, shattering pieces of the mirror and adhering them to the contact paper. If the mirror needs a bit more encouragement, use the small flat screwdriver to pry bits off at a time. Duct tape may also be used instead of contact paper, and a towel or drop cloth may be spread across the surface of any countertops or vanity to avoid damage. Goggles should be worn to protect eyes, and gloves worn to protect hands.

Defogging the Bathroom Mirror

Anti-fogging products can be purchased for bathroom mirrors to help with fog and condensation. Also, for a quick home remedy, a bit of shaving cream can be spread into the surface of a bathroom mirror before a shower or bath as a temporary anti-fog solution.