Six Reasons to Start Your Bathroom Remodel--Immediately

The opportunity to enjoy a functional, luxurious bathroom at home can feel like a distant fantasy. Most people would love to take on a bathroom remodel, if only to update and upgrade their space. But maybe you fall into a completely different category: those who should run, not walk, immediately to the local home improvement store for bathroom remodel supplies. Do not pass go. Do not stop to browse in the garden section.


Not sure how desperate your bathroom remodel situation really is? If you can identify with any of the following scenarios--and you know who you are--it's time to take immediate action.

Bathroom Remodel Emergencies

  1. Your bathroom is tiny. Your family is not. If you have one bathroom, five children, and can wash your hands while sitting on the toilet, it's time for a bathroom expansion or addition.
  2. You have carpet on the bathroom floor. This confusing phenomenon seems to be more common in older homes and should be eliminated whenever possible. Carpeting a room that by definition involves lots of water begs trouble you don't need.
  3. The carpet in your bathroom smells funky. No explanation necessary here. Just keep two things in mind: the average size of an American bathroom is 50 square feet and Armstrong Flooring estimates high end costs for vinyl flooring at $4.99 per square foot. With remodeling costs like this, if you do nothing else, spend $250 and get rid of the smell.
  4. Flushing the toilet uses the same amount of water as taking a shower. Replacing your toilet or water fixtures with more energy- and water-efficient options can save you money and help to preserve the environment. American Standard offers a home improvement cost calculator that can help you estimate the impact of making such changes.
  5. Your idea of a home spa includes Calgon taking you away. Not that the right bubble bath product can't make your bath special, but you'll find relaxing in the bathroom much more difficult if the tiles are cracked and your paint is peeling.
  6. Two words: structural integrity. If you notice excessive moisture, out-of-control mold, or improper ventilation, pay attention. Don't mess around with serious issues that could damage the integrity and value of your home.

Considering that the average American spends 30 minutes each day in the bathroom, according to Contractor magazine, you want those 30 minutes to be as pleasant as possible. Get started on your bathroom remodel immediately--and you'll have a functional, safe, relaxing space before you know it.


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