Shelves & Train Racks

Shelves and train racks are wall-mounted pieces that add storage and display space to the bathroom. Although they differ slightly in design, both function in basically the same way. By using walls instead of floors or cabinets, shelves and train racks provide extra space in bathrooms, creating room for supplies and decorations.


Bathroom Shelves

Shelves come in a wide variety. They can be metal, glass, plastic, or wood. They can be mounted in a series, or by themselves. Bathroom shelving is ideal for displaying decorations or decorative supplies. Because the shelves are highly visible, it is usually best to put nice items, such as decorative soaps or plants, on them and leave medicines and other toiletries hidden in cabinets. When choosing bathroom shelves, it is best to pick a material that is waterproof. Because they are located in the bathroom, it is likely that the shelves will get wet, and/or have to resist steam.

Bathroom Train Racks

Train racks are similar to shelves. However, instead of supplying a solid platform, train racks have a series of metal bars. They also frequently feature a second shelf of bars or hooks underneath the first shelf. Because of their nature, train racks are typically found in metal. Choose a variety that is rust-resistant. Train racks are ideal for holding folded towels, both full-size and hand towels. The hooks also allow for extra towel or robe storage. The only limitation to what can be placed on train racks is the space between the bars -- items smaller than the gap obviously cannot be stored on the train racks.