Shower Curtains & Rings

Shower curtains are used in showers and bathtubs with showers for privacy purposes and to keep your bathroom from flooding when you employ a showerhead. They are made mostly out of vinyl, cloth, or plastic and usually ring the inside of the tub and are held up with rings or hooks from a rod attached to a ceiling or walls. Besides their functionality, shower curtains can add a decorative flair to your bathroom environment. That is, if they're looking clean and attractive.


The Importance of Replacing Shower Curtains

Shower curtains can easily get dirtied by soap scum, mold, and skin fragments and make a great environment for many types of microbes. They should be cleaned (and dried) often and ventilated very well in order to prevent this type of buildup. Shower curtains ought to be replaced every few years.

Variety of Shower Curtains

Curtains come in a variety of colors and designs. It is common to use two shower curtains -- one that is functional lining the very inside of the tub and another that is decorative and just outside the inner curtain. Some curtains are made of a variety of alternative materials. Those ecologically conscious often favor canvas shower curtains. Some are naturally mildew-resistant and easy to clean. You can just throw them in the trash. Other alternative curtains are made out of hemp.

Cleaning Shower Curtains

If you're thinking of cleaning your existing curtain instead of purchasing a new one or researching the ease of cleaning one type of curtain over another, there are a few things to know. Fabric curtains are very delicate and need to be handled carefully. They should not be squeezed dry. Instead they should drip dry. If a curtain is vinyl, you can dry it once a week and spray it with an anti-mildew product. They should be absolutely dry and then rubbed clear of dirt and mildew. It is also important to expose the curtains to natural air and light so that they're completely dry.

Shower Rings

Shower rings, or hoops, as they're often referred to, are also available in a wide variety of designs. They hold up a shower curtain and attach it to a shower rod. They also enable the easy movement of a shower curtain around the shower. Some rings/hoops are made of plastic, others brass, and even others out of stainless steel. Some have a polished chrome finish or are nickel-plated. They come in sets, many in sets of twelve.