A shower, essentially, is a bath in which water is showered down on the body from above. When your bathroom poses space restrictions, a shower can outweigh a large bathtub as a great looking, space-saving remodeling choice.,/p>


Showerheads and Nozzles

The number of options in showerheads alone can be overwhelming. If you're looking for a wide flow of gently cascading water, look for an over-sized rainfall showerhead with a multitude of tiny water nozzles. Pleasure showers offer a variety of different settings that provide anything from an intense jet massage to a soft stream. Some new designs now offer showerheads that spin and turn and shoot out water in a multi-directional massage. If you're looking for a more intense experience, look for showerheads with multiple types of streams. They consist of some nozzles that focus only on specific body areas with a direct blast of water while simultaneously engaging other nozzles that provide a gentle flow for the rest of your body.

Shower Cabins and Installation

In addition to the shower head, there's the shower cabin to consider. Sliding glass doors are still the most popular choices in bathroom remodeling. Of course, the easiest and cheapest option to encase your shower is the inclusion of a shower curtain. If you want to coordinate the entire look of your shower, try to choose the entirety of your ensemble simultaneously. This includes not only the showerhead and cabin/curtain choices but also the stall or tile, base, and faucet. As for the base, install one that measures at least thirty-six inches if possible. Thirty-two inch bases are available but they can feel too small for most adults.

Construction of New Showers

Besides making these design choices and installing the necessary components, shower construction and remodeling requires a few more involved tasks. You'll have to frame the walls, install the plumbing, and finish the walls. You might also consider installing a bathroom vent near the shower unless you have exceptional ventilation in your space or live in a very-dry environment. Showers bring with them a great amount of moisture that can easily damage your walls and introduce mildew problems. Think about hiring a contractor to install the base of your shower along with the drain and vent if you don't have much experience with construction or remodeling projects. The various design and related installation and finishing jobs can be handled easily by novices.