In the world of plumbing, a sink is a fixture, usually shaped like a bowl, that is utilized mostly for washing hands, dishes, and clothing. There are bathroom and kitchen sinks. Bathroom sinks are usually made from porcelain. They are often referred to as a lavatory in the language of American plumbing. Kitchen sinks are often made from stainless steel. Older sinks were made often of cast iron or enameled steel. Most sinks have faucets that provide both hot and cold water. The water re-enters the plumbing system through a drain at the bottom of a sink. These sink drains can sometimes become clogged and need to be fixed by having to use either a plunger or some sort of chemical drain cleaner.


Types of Sinks

There are pedestal/wall sinks, countertop sinks, and vessel sinks. A number of specialty sinks also exist and are somewhat readily available. A Belfast sink is a traditional looking, large ceramic fixture often in place under work surfaces. An automatic sink in public restrooms are a guard against the spread of germs. A sensor detects motion beneath its surface and turns on the flow of water.

Installation of Bathroom Sinks

When thinking of remodeling your bathroom, replacing your sink might be a first option. Old or stained sinks take away from the look of any bathroom. It is relatively easy to replace your old sink with a new one. Someone with an intermediate level of do-it-yourself skills can replace a sink in about four to six hours with common tools and under $200. When you do replace a counter-top sink, the new sink should be either the same size or just a bit larger than the original sink in order to ensure a secure fit. Make sure to double-check the measurements of your old sink before you purchase a new one.

Installation of Kitchen Sinks

In terms of installing a kitchen sink, this too is a relatively easy project for someone with intermediate skills. The project shouldn't take more than a day and can easily improve the look of your kitchen and perhaps the functionality of it as well when you install a unit that better matches your needs. A single-bowl unit could be replaced with a double-bowl unit. A modern decorator sink is also a possibility. You may also consider replacing your faucet and installing a new garbage disposer unit while working on the sink as these projects can be tackled simultaneously.