Tissue Holders

Bathroom tissue holders are a necessity in bathrooms. They are used to hold rolls of toilet tissue.



Placement of Tissue Holders In The Bathroom

Tissue holders can be obtained that are free standing, but they are normally attached to walls. Placement of the holders should be made with a view to the convenience of the user. In general, tissue holders should not be attached to the wall behind the user, because then the person will need to twist around in uncomfortable positions.


Amounts of Tissue Held and Dispensed by Tissue Holders

Tissue holders are typically designed to hold one roll at a time, but there are tissue holders designed to hold two rolls so that there is always a spare roll available. There are also separate holders designed to hold spare rolls of tissue. In commercial settings, it is common to find tissue holders that dispense limited lengths of tissue at one time. Prices range from less than $20 to more than $150.

Varieties of Tissue Holders For The Bathroom

Tissue holders are usually designed to hold rolls of tissue, but some are designed to hold tissue that is stacked instead of in a roll. Tissue holders are sold in a wide variety of styles, and are made from a varied selection of materials. Metals used in manufacturing tissue holders include aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Other materials commonly used include wood, pewter, and plastic.