Towel Bars

Towel bars are mounted onto the walls of the bathroom. Typically extending two-to-three inches from the wall, these narrow bars are placed horizontally. Their purpose is to hold towels, either to be used or to be dried. They offer storage space for towels as well as protecting the floor from damage that wet towels can cause. They also add to the visual appeal of your bathroom by allowing a place for towels to be displayed.


Towel Bars: Variety of Lengths and Materials

Towel bars come in a wide variety. Their most basic form is a simple bar, extending across the wall. Towel bars come in many lengths; when choosing a towel bar, measure the available space to make certain that you don't get one that is too short or too long. Towel bars can be made to fit almost any accessory theme. They are typically metal, but can also be plastic. Wood is not recommended for towel bars, as it will suffer damage from constant contact with damp towels.

The Aesthetics of Towel Bars

Although more functional than decorative in nature, towel bars can add to the d��cor of your bathroom. Often, they feature scrolling or knobs where the bar connects to the wall mounts. Because the towel bar will usually be hidden from view behind towels, appearances aren't all that important. When choosing a material, choose one that goes with the rest of the hardware in the bathroom. Most towel bars can be easily installed at home.