Marble Flooring

If you ever thought of transforming your home to look like an Italian or Greek villa, marble is one way to do it. It makes a great kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, or stand-up shower. Marble can also be used as a fireplace hearth or in a hallway or foyer to add a touch of elegance.


Benefits of Using Marble For Flooring

Manufacturers use words like "refined," "understated," "elegance," "classical refinement," and "modern affordability" to describe their product, and marble certainly is all of these things. It is a natural stone and, as such, requires little care and maintenance. It ages beautifully and can withstand heavy use and traffic.

Marble Flooring as a Do-It-Yourself Project

Marble is usually found as square tiles, (typically precut at 12 square inches and 3/8 inches thick) or as whole slabs. One side will be smooth, and the edges are beveled. For the do-it-yourselfer, laying marble tiles can be a rewarding project, and it is easy and relatively inexpensive to rent a wet saw from any number of home improvement stores.

Maintenance of Marble Flooring

Of course, some steps should be taken to preserve the beauty of marble in your home:

  • Use trivets under hot pots and pans; ceramics and china are likely to scratch. Foods and drinks that contain acids (citrus, tomato, etc.) can dull the marble's surface.
  • When cleaning, use a dry dust mop and try to minimize the amount of sand, dirt, and debris that come in contact with the tiles.
  • For cleaning a bath or shower with marble tiles, use a non-acidic product or make a solution of ammonia and water.
  • A marble countertop in the kitchen may need a penetrating sealer to prevent moisture and cooking liquids from damaging the surface over time. Be sure that the sealer you choose is nontoxic and safe for use in food preparation.
  • Always rinse and dry the marble's surface thoroughly after cleaning.

With minimal upkeep, the marble tiles in your home will provide years of beauty and functionality. And you won't have had to travel across the Atlantic to achieve a timeless European look.

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