Combination Cookers

Do you sometimes think about how much easier life would be if you could combine two different cooking projects into one? Do you wish that you could find cooking appliances which combine different functions so that you can free up valuable storage space? Then you should be looking for a combination cooker.


Types of Combination Cookers

There are two types of combination cookers available. The first type is a combination cooker that allows you to cook two separate food items at the same time without rushing back and forth from pan to pan, or pan to toaster, or pot to pot. The second kind combines different cooking functions, allowing you more storage space. Combination cookers are valuable kitchen items to have in today's busy world.

Combination Cookers for Breakfast

You can buy egg cookers that will also cook your toast or bagels. There are models available that will cook up to seven eggs at one time to serve your busy family. Some egg cookers allow you to heat up re-cooked meats. Also available are 3-quart combination cookers allow you to cook, bake, boil, or slow cook. This combo-cooker/fryer includes a wire steam rack and a basket for deep frying.

Combination Cookers for Dinner

For those of you frequently cooking pasta in one pan and steaming vegetables in another, you might want to look at a 9-quart covered combination cooker. This product comes with two inserts, one for your pasta and then a steamer that sits on top of the pasta section so that you can cook your pasta and steam your vegetables to perfection.

Combination Cookers for Outdoor Use

If you like to cook both indoors and outdoors, then you might find a cast iron indoor-outdoor combo cooker to your liking. The 3-quart pot can be used for sauces, soups, or frying while the lid can double as a skillet or griddle.

Microwave Ovens

Do not forget microwave ovens. They might be considered the ultimate combination cooker. Today, you can find microwave ovens with built-in toasters to save on counter space and combination microwave/ convection ovens. Do not forget that other combination cooker counter space saver--the microwave oven/coffee maker combo.