Electric Stoves

An electric stove is used to heat or cook foods using cooking techniques such as simmering, boiling, saut��ing, steaming, and frying. Foods are heated on stoves using simple pots and pans or more specialized equipment such as woks or crepes pans. Electric stoves officially debuted at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, and by the 1930s, were starting to replace gas stoves in kitchens. Today's electrical stoves are better than ever. They heat up faster and the temperatures are much more precise than electrical stoves made in the past.


Types of Electric Stoves

There are three types of electric stoves from which to choose.

1. Heating Coil Electric Stoves

The first type, using the oldest technology, is electric stoves whose burners are heated using heating coils. Electric stoves using heating coils are very durable.

2. Glass-ceramic Electric Stoves

The second type, introduced in the 1970s, is the stove with glass-ceramic heating tops. This type of electric stove uses heating coils or infrared halogen lamps to fire up the burners. Glass-ceramic stoves are particularly easy to keep clean.

3. Induction Electric Stove

The final type of stove, the induction stove, is starting to be available for home use. Induction stoves uses electromagnetic induction to heat and cook food. You cannot use regular pots and pans on induction stoves. Pots and pans have to have ferromagnetic bottoms in order to be effective on this type of stove.


Optional Features of Electric Stoves

There are a number of optional features from which to choose when looking at electric stoves. You can choose up to six or more burners for your stove. Some electric stoves come with touch controls rather than knob controls to regulate heat. You can find electric stoves which have sensors that will turn off a heating element if it has been left on without a pot or a pan on top of it. Others include sensors that will only heat up a portion of the cooking element to fit your pot or pan. For example, if you are cooking in a small sauce pan, only the area directly under the pan will give off heat. You can find accessories such as grills that can easily be interchanged with your standard burners.

Varieties of Electric Stoves

If you are planning to put your electric stove in an area where you cannot easily install an exhauster, you can find electrical stoves which use downdraft exhausts. There are also several styles from which to choose, ranging from sleek stainless steel, dramatic black, and brightening white. Other colors in which electric stoves are available include biscuit, natural bisque, and frost white.