Ranges are stoves with built-in ovens underneath. The stove is used to cook foods in pots and pans using cooking techniques such as saut��ing, steaming, simmering, boiling, or frying. The oven is used to bake, roast, or broil. Ranges use natural gas, butane, propane, heating oil, or electricity for fuel to create heat. Most homes today use either natural gas or electricity. Some people prefer gas range tops because the heat levels are easier to control for more precise cooking. There are also biofuel stoves available which use corn or wood pellets for power, which can be very efficient and clean-burning. In the past, ranges used wood, charcoal, or coal as a power source.


Types of Ranges

There are three types of ranges available, freestanding, slide-in, and drop-in. Freestanding ranges have finished sides while drop-in ranges do not. Freestanding ranges' controls are on the backsplash of the range. Slide-in ranges have their controls in the front. The size of your family as well as how much you entertain should determine your range's oven cavity and capacity. If you live in a household with just one or two people and do not frequently entertain, your range's cavity size should be two to three cubic feet. If you have a three or four person family, you will want to look at an oven with a three or four cubic foot capacity. If you have a large family or entertain frequently, an oven with a cavity of four or more cubic feet might be the best choice for you.

Electric and Gas Ranges

Electric ranges, which usually come in standard sizes between twenty to thirty-six inches, have surfaces with coil elements or smoothtop, radiant surfaces. Natural gas ranges are usually available in sizes between twenty to forty inches. You can choose to have the cooking top of your range use natural glass and your oven use electricity for power.

Optional Features for Ranges

Optional range features include double ovens, where one oven is stacked on top of the second oven or are placed side-by-side. You might choose to have a safety lock on your oven that is activated when the oven self-cleans. You can find ranges with ovens that offer high and low broiling temperatures. Some ovens offer three oven racks rather than just two. You can buy range tops that have more than four broilers and might include a built-in grill. These are only a few of the many features that you will be able to consider when you are buying a new range for your kitchen.