Refrigerators are used to keep foods cold. Most refrigerators include freezers which have the capability to freeze food and then keep the food frozen. Refrigerators preserve foods and keep foods safe to eat.


Variety of Sizes of Refrigerators

There are many types of refrigerators available today. Refrigerators can be freestanding in your kitchen. They can be built "thinner" so that they can fit in a space flush with other cabinets. Refrigerators can also be built into cabinets. Some refrigerators are sized to be placed under bars to keep beverages cold. There are compact refrigerators that can be used in a dorm room. There are also specialty refrigerators, such as those that are built specifically to keep wines at the right temperature. You can even find a portable refrigerator that can convert to a freezer.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators are also differentiated by their doors and where their freezers are placed. Many refrigerators come with the freezer on top. Others come with slide-out freezers on the bottom of the unit. The freezer portions and the refrigerator portions have separate doors in these types of refrigerators to conserve energy. Some refrigerators have their cooling portions and freezing portions side-by-side, each with their own full-length door. While refrigerators used to come with only one outside door and contained a freezer as a separate unit inside the refrigerator, you most likely only see this type of door situation used today in small or compact refrigerators, if at all.

Optional Features for Refrigerators

Optional features for refrigerators include a cold filtered water and ice dispenser on the outside of the refrigerator's door, electronic temperature controls, and adjustable humidity in the vegetable bins. There are models that include temperature controls for the meat drawer. There are refrigerators with canned beverage dispensers. There are also refrigerators available that can divert cold air from the freezer to the door shelves to get your milk the right temperature. You can find freezers which automatically make ice, even in compact units. If you ever wonder when you should throw food away, some refrigerators are available that have LCDs that will give you suggested expiration dates.

Standard Features for Refrigerators

Most regular sized refrigerators come with vegetable bins, a meat drawer, a place to place your eggs, a storage area for butter, and a frost-free freezer. Popular refrigerator colors include stainless steel, white, and black.

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