Trash Compactors

Do you get tired of hauling out your trash to your trashcans every ten minutes? Would you like to change that? Consider purchasing a trash compactor. A trash compactor uses a ram to flatten trash so that you will be able to accumulate much more trash in a smaller space


Safety, the Environment, and Trash Compactors

You will be to put anything in a trash compactor that you put into the waste basket in your kitchen, even glass, unless, of course, you live in an area where glass is recycled. You just have to make sure that the glass is placed towards the center of the compactor away from the bottom to reduce the risk of the glass cutting through the compactor bag and dumping your trash or cutting you. Make sure that you never put poisonous, flammable, or explosive chemicals in a trash compactor. You should also not put any empty aerosol cans into your compactor. There is also an environmental benefit to using a trash compactor in that you will be sending less trash volume to the landfill.

Features of Trash Compactors

Most trash compactors have the same popular features. These include a toe bar opener. Trash compactors also have a key-operated on and off switch and a removable key knob control to keep the kids from playing with the compactor. Most trash compactors include some sort of deodorizing or air freshening component. While it does not completely stop the noise of trash being crushed, all compactors come with noise insulation. Most trash compactors have a tilt away trash basket and an anti-jam system. A trash compactor should also have level sensors so that the compactor will not work if its contents are not level. Most trash compactors have a 1.4 cubic foot capacity.

Size, Power, and Location of Trash Compactors

Your choices of trash compactors revolve around the size, the ram force, and the location of your prospective trash compactor. Most home trash compactors are available in widths from 12" to 15". Their heights and lengths vary. A trash compactor can have a ram force of 2000, 2300, or 5000 lbs. Before purchasing your trash compactor, you will have to decide if you want it to be a freestanding unit where the top of the compactor can be used as part of your kitchen's counter space, an under-the-counter unit, where the trash compactor can be hidden away, or a convertible unit, where the trash compactor can be installed either way. Some types of trash compactors may come with trash bags included, a wrap around panel, or a side release bin.