Water Filters

A water filter in your kitchen will clean out any impurities that exist in your tap water before the water even touches your glass without removing important minerals that your body needs. These impurities include substances that can have a negative impact on your health and substances that make the water smell or taste bad.


Questions to Ask When Choosing a Water Filter

When shopping for a water filter, you will want to compare pricing and warranties. You should look at how a water filter is installed. For example, one type of water filter is installed under a sink, while another might be a countertop unit. Will you have to have a professional install your water filter? If so, make sure you understand whether you have to pay for installation in addition to the price of the water filter.

Maintenance of Water Filters

Maintenance requirements are critical to a water filter, so make sure that you compare what each style needs. Take maintenance and how often a filter must be replaced into account when you look at overall costs. A higher priced water filter might be less expensive than a lower priced filter over the long run if the lower priced water filter's parts need to be frequently changed. Another thing to consider is how easy it is to get those replacement parts. Can they be purchased at a local store or will you have to order them directly from the manufacturer? Take all of these things into consideration before handing over your cash. And, keep in mind that you can buy water filter systems not only for the tap water in your kitchen, but for your bathroom or your whole house.

Charcoal Water Filter

There are a number of types of water filters from which to choose today. The most commonly used water filter, the charcoal water filter, uses either ground charcoal or charcoal in a solid block to remove impurities from the water. The Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, requires that a charcoal water filter has to remove impurities that are one micron or larger. Using electricity, a distiller water heater takes your water up to the boiling point. Then, the clean water is sent into another container, leaving the impurities behind.

Ionized Water Filter

Using an ionized water filter will result in two different kinds of water, alkaline ionized water, which you can drink, and acidic ionized water, which you can use on the outside of your body to kill bacteria. In this filter, the ionized waters are created by running the water over positive and negative electrodes. Another type of water filter uses reverse osmosis. In this process, water is filtered by a fine membrane, a type of plastic film that looks like cellophane.