Do It Yourself Cabinet Refacing: How to Do It Right the First Time

Cabinet refacing is one of those jobs that everyone thinks he or she can do. It's simple to pull out a little sand paper, paint, and veneer-right? Not always. Demesne, a self-help site, states that you should consider hiring a contractor if you don't have the time of skills to complete the job. But if you think you can do it yourself, you want to make sure you do it right the first time. This way, you save money and time. Here are a few tips to successful cabinet refacing the first time around.


Preparing for do it yourself cabinet refacing

According to Face Your Kitchen, a cabinet refacing web site, preparation is key to do it yourself cabinet refacing. In fact, good preparation can be responsible for 75% of your painting turnout. Prepare for do it yourself painting by having a vision of what you will do and taking the necessary steps to ensure safe painting, such as using tape and removing furniture.

Completing do it yourself cabinet refacing

Not only should you be careful when preparing for do it yourself cabinet refacing, but you also need to take care when you have completed the job. You should be careful to allow your paint to dry thoroughly before touching the cabinets. According to Face Your Kitchen, you need to treat your cabinets carefully for a few weeks after you've installed the cabinets. New paint can easily sustain dents and other blemishes.

If you've opted for do it yourself cabinet refacing, then you need to be sure to do it right the first time. Failing to prepare or failing to show care after you've completed the job could result in a re-do, which means more money and time.


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