Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Painting

Kitchen cabinets are something that everyone has, and are integral, in fact to the design of the house itself. Because these are the most used feature in the house (besides maybe the stairs), they are built to last, especially if you live in an older home. However, kitchen cabinet styles have changed over the years and many have become obviously outdated. A good way to change the look and feel of your kitchen is by painting the cabinets. Here are a few things to remember as you embark on this project.


Idea # 1 for painting kitchen cabinets-faux finishes

Faux finishes, by definition, create the look of something other than a plain one color surface. Faux finishing can re-create the look of leather, fine fabric, make there appear to be texture where there isn't any, or can even make one type of wood look like another. Whether you want sophisticated-looking cabinets or fun, quirky kitchen cabinets, faux finishes are a great idea! You can find different faux finishing ideas and techniques online, some specifically for cabinets and some for walls, which can be modified for your cabinets.

Idea # 2 for painting kitchen cabinets-use color to your advantage

We all know that certain colors make us feel certain things. Yellow makes people happy, red more stressed, green, purple and blue are relaxing. When deciding what colors to use when repainting your kitchen cabinets, an idea is to make use of color. For example, in a smaller kitchen painting the cabinets a lighter color such as white or light yellow will make the room appear larger. If there isn't as much light as you would like, white, light yellow or light blue will make the room appear lighter. If you have a feature of the cabinet, such as the design on the door, that you want to highlight, use a slightly lighter shade of the cabinet color mixed with some glaze to accent those features.