Kitchen Cabinet Prices

Kitchen cabinet prices are all over the board. You can find them to fit any budget, from the smallest to the largest. Factors included in determining kitchen cabinet prices include not only the size of the cabinets, but the material used to make them and the finish chosen. This article will look at some of these factors, and help determine which fits your budget.


Kitchen cabinet prices by material

The lowest priced kitchen cabinets are made of particle board. Particle board is made of pressed wood particles held together by a man-made resin. Particle board cabinets are useful, but are not as long-lasting as either hardboard or hardwood. You can find small particle board cabinets for as little as $40 or $50.
Hardboard is a type of building material that is similar to particle board in that it is made of pressed wood. The difference is in the binding material. While particle board is held together with man-made plastic resin, hardboard is bound with a natural adhesive, which is stronger and longer lasting than the man-made kind. A small hardboard cabinet will cost you around $80 to $100, more than particle board but less than hardwood.

Hardwood is the gold standard of kitchen cabinets. For hundreds of years, wood was the only material available. With the introduction of plastics and other man-made materials, wood has become a high-end item that many simply cannot afford. A small hardwood cabinet is anywhere from $120 to $250. The quality, though, of hardwood cannot be duplicated, and if you can afford it, it is certainly the way to go.

Kitchen cabinet prices by size

Another factor in kitchen cabinet prices is the size of the cabinets. One might think that a smaller cabinet will be less expensive. However, you also have to factor in the cost of materials as well. You may be able to get a large, particle board cabinet for $300, when a $300 hardwood cabinet will be half the size. But you also have to remember that a hardwood cabinet will last twice as long, so in the long run, anyway, the higher cost may be worth it.