Solid Wood Cabinets

Solid wood cabinets are constructed entirely from natural wood. They are sturdy and last longer than cabinets made from composite materials (such as medium density particle board). Solid wood cabinets are both durable and beautiful which makes them a popular choice for cabinetry. These positive qualities, however, come with a price. Solid wood cabinets are more expensive when compared to laminated or veneered cabinets. But for those who can spend the extra money and want a long-lasting and attractive kitchen or bathroom storage, solid wood cabinets can't be beat.


Colors of Solid Wood Cabinets

Differences in the color of solid wood cabinets can create variations in the look and feel of a room. For example, light wood cabinets can help a small space feel more open and also work to brighten up a kitchen or bathroom if the area is low on light. This color of wood cabinet is most often used in contemporary design. Light colored solid wood cabinets are created using ash, birch, maple, oak, pine, or poplar. Medium wood cabinets are normally constructed from beech and cherry. Using medium solid wood cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom will help make the space seem more warm and inviting. Medium wood is reddish in color and can be used in both traditional and contemporary design. Dark solid wood cabinets are very dramatic and work well with traditional styles. Dark woods are rich in color, ranging from dark brown to almost black. Butternut, mahogany, rosewood, teak and walnut are all used to create dark solid wood cabinets.

Wood Stains

Wood stains can change the color of solid wood cabinets. Most of the time what is seen on the surface of solid wood cabinets is not the color of the wood but instead the color of the stain. The use of the right stain can make birch cabinets appear like they are made of walnut. Using wood stains on solid wood cabinets can help homeowners get the color of a pricier wood while saving money. Staining is also helpful to update the look of a kitchen or bathroom without having to purchase brand new cabinetry.

Stock Wood Cabinets

Solid wood cabinets are available in stock in major home improvement stores and online retailers. Stock cabinets normally feature quality construction from low-priced materials. The cabinet boxes (the unseen part of the cabinet) may be constructed from particle board and, in some cases, the doors will be wood veneers instead of solid wood. Stock cabinets come in a standard set of sizes and are made from cherry, hickory, maple, oak or pine. These woods are domestic and easily purchased by manufacturers.

Custom Wood Cabinets

Custom built solid wood cabinets are also available. While custom built cabinets are more expensive, a homeowner has the advantage of being able to order cabinet sizes to their liking. Custom cabinets provide flexibility for uniquely shaped kitchens. Custom built solid wood cabinets can also be made of any type of wood the homeowner desires. More exotic woods like mahogany or teak can be used for a stylish kitchen or bathroom.

Solid Wood Cabinets

Whether a homeowner chooses stock cabinets or custom built cabinets, they can't go wrong with solid wood cabinetry. The variety of wood and wood stain choices gives every homeowner the ability to make a unique statement in the design of their home. Solid wood cabinets, with proper care, will look beautiful for decades.