Kitchen Cabinet Styles

With innovations in home design come innovations in kitchen design. Gone are the days of plain, assembly line produced kitchen cabinets, though that option is available. They are available now in an array of styles, shapes, colors and sizes. Kitchens, including the cabinets, should reflect the feel of the house and with the variety of choices now available, this is easier to accomplish than one might think. That is just one point a homeowner needs to consider when remodeling or replacing cabinets. Design styles fall into two basic categories, contemporary and traditional, but within those categories there are many, many different subcategories.


Traditional kitchen cabinet styles

Included in this category are kitchen cabinet styles such as Shaker, country, French Provencal, cottage or bungalow, and arts and crafts. Rustic style cabinets, also included in this category, can be included in the contemporary category as well.

Key characteristics of the Shaker style are doors with plain panels, well defined lines of the cabinet, and are finished with an oil or dye as opposed to stain or paint.

Country style cabinets can be recognized by their casual feel. Their lines are simple, they may be either painted or stained, and finish is often distressed to make them appear older than they are. Cottage and bungalow cabinets are similar to country style, but may include glass doors.

French Provencal often looks unmatched, like the cabinets aren't supposed to be together. Things to look for in a Provencal kitchen include decorative feet on the furniture, ornate designs on the door and cabinets placed above and around a stove to mimic a mantel.

Contemporary kitchen cabinet styles

The first contemporary kitchen style is called transitional. As the name implies, it is a mix of the traditional and the contemporary. There are no real requirements for cabinets to be considered transitional, but usually, the cabinets are a more old-world feel, with the rest of the kitchen more contemporary.
Contemporary kitchen cabinets have clean lines, often have no hardware and are overall, very minimalist in style. They are often painted in colors that boldly contrast with the color of the walls.

Modern cabinets are similar to contemporary in that they also have clean lines and are fairly minimalist in design. However, they are usually painted in more muted colors than the modern and sometimes are even faux-finished to make the cabinet appear softer than it is.