The Kitchen Remodeling Cost

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are three categories for kitchen remodeling costs: upscale, midrange and minor. The Association's Cost vs. Value report estimates an upscale kitchen remodel to cost $81,552, a midrange remodel to cost $43,862 and the minor kitchen remodel to cost $14,913.


Kitchen Remodeling costs continued

The first step in estimate your remodeling costs is determining your budget. What are you willing to spend? Unless you are crystal clear on exactly what you want, you may need to spend time in research. Not sure on where to start? Try visiting showrooms, look online, read industry magazines and talk to friends and neighbors who have experience with remodels. Research can sometimes be a lengthy endeavor, but most feel it is well worth your time and energy. There are several online calculators to assist with cost estimation, for free. These calculators can help you decide what you want and how much it will likely cost.

Kitchen Remodeling

If you are in the majority, you are curious as to how much a project is going to cost. To establish a planning budget, a good rule of thumb is to multiply your room's size by the average cost per square foot. Most sources will tell you to plan on overrunning your budget by 12 percent. Cabinets will typically account for one-half of your total costs; you might also consider replacing a sink, refrigerator and your countertops. Depending on your countertop selection, this is another significant cost to your remodel project.

There is a lot to estimating your kitchen remodeling costs. Consider organizing what you are going to remodel and start there.