Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Small kitchens, most often found in apartments or town homes, can offer challenges when remodeling. There are several ways, however to make the most of your small space while making it functional as well as stylish. Below are some easy kitchen remodeling ideas aimed at creating the illusion of space where there isn't any.


Easy remodeling ideas for a small kitchen-use glass

One remodeling idea for a small kitchen is to use glass in non-traditional ways Things like glass table tops and room dividers are good ways to incorporate glass into the design. Not only does glass add a contemporary touch to your kitchen, but by allowing light through, it creates the appearance of a larger space. Non-breakable alternatives are Plexiglas or Lucite, which give the same effect as glass without the safety issues of glass. This option is a good one for people with small children. This is just one of the many techniques used to add the feel of more space.

Easy remodeling ideas for a small kitchen-use color

Color can be used for many different purposes when painting in general, but especially in a small space. One idea for the use of color in remodeling your small kitchen is to choose light, sunny colors such as light yellow or very light blue, even cream or light brown. White also creates the illusion of space, however, if used in excess or exclusively by its self, can appear sterile. To combat this pair the white walls with a highly contrasting color; backsplashes, countertops, cabinets or appliances are a good way to add that contrast. So if you're not prepared to do a major remodel, white might not be the best choice.

Another way of using color to add to the illusion of more space is to paint one wall with one of those sunny shades; light yellow, light blue, even light green all work well. If you paint the rest of the walls a soft, neutral color like cream or light brown. You would be surprised that a slight contrast between the two different colors could make such a big difference in adding at least the illusion of space to the room.