Kitchen Lighting Options and Ideas for Use

One of the most important elements to consider when designing, remodeling or simply updating your kitchen is the kind of lighting you choose. Having the right amount of lights placed in strategic locations is not only helpful, but imperative. They can be used to accentuate particular features, increase your productivity, and generally add to the atmosphere. Here are some ideas for using kitchen lighting to your advantage.


Ideas for using kitchen lighting to increase productivity

Kitchen lighting can play an important role in how efficient you are. You know that if you can't see, it's difficult to do much of anything. One light fixture on the ceiling often does not create enough light to effectively illuminate things in your kitchen. It is hard to chop food on a counter that isn't well lit; you're more likely to cut yourself, and not being able to see can really slow down the pace of your work.

One way to lighten it up is by installing under-the-cabinet lights. These can eliminate accidents, such a cut finger. They can also increase your productivity; if you can see, you can work!

Ideas for using kitchen lighting to help your mood

Dark kitchens often feel uninviting and small; they also tend to contribute to bad moods. Who wants to start the day in shadows? Strategic use of kitchen lighting can not only make a room feel warm and inviting, but can also make you feel better! Doctors have known for years that sunlight makes people feel good. It increases production of melatonin; an integral part of mood, part of the reason depression is prevalent in the winter.

One way to lighten up your kitchen (and your mood) is to install a hanging pendant light above your eating space. This creates a warm feeling as you eat. Another type of lighting to help your mood is track lighting. A good place for track lighting is along crown molding, above the cabinets. This creates a warm, inviting atmosphere without being harsh.