Home Remodeling Costs: Four Ways to Get the Most for Your Money

You love your house and your neighborhood, but it no longer works for your life. You have lots of ideas for making it into your dream home and a rough budget in mind, but raiding your bank account isn't your goal. How can you be sure to get the most for your money?

Make Your Home Remodeling Costs Multi-Task

You didn't know your wife dreamt of a big laundry and sewing room, and she didn't know you want your own walk-in closet. You both agree your 5 year old son and 7 year old daughter need separate bedrooms. You'd like an exercise room, play room, or TV/media room. Uncle Larry really shouldn't be living alone and will need his own bathroom, and you've always wanted a home office. Those are just some of the reasons for a house renovation, but you don't have an endless budget. What to do? Here are some ideas to cut costs:

  1. Combine needs: That extra sleeping space for your son can be part of a roomy exercise/TV room for the family. Build a partial wall on one end for his private space. Turn half your garage into an apartment and add a carport out front for your second car. Expand the laundry room to include a crafts area. Convert that messy basement into a guest room and rental unit.
  2. Spread home improvement costs over several years: Build the basic room first, and make it usable, if not show-stopper gorgeous. Add custom cabinets, a curved sectional, a freestanding stove, special wall treatments, and fun lighting over a couple of years.
  3. Take advantage of unused attic or basement space: Install insulation, drywall, lighting, heating, and cooling. Create access so you can move the contents of your existing crammed cupboards and closets into a large, organized, previously unused area. Hey--while you're at it, have a garage sale, and donate unneeded items to charity.
  4. Remove walls between rooms: Remove the wall between your kitchen and great room to modernize and expand your kitchen. Or, bump out one end of a kitchen onto the patio or yard. Remove the tub at the end of your small bathroom, and add new storage and bathing areas beyond the existing wall.

Once you start thinking outside the box, you'll find endless ways to maximize your home remodeling costs. Brainstorm with the family, ask remodeling contractors for ideas and ballpark figures, and start turning those home remodeling ideas into realities!

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