Furniture Covers

Outdoor furniture covers aren't just for looks. They're also a valuable way to keep your patio furniture in good condition for several years. Furniture covers are an essential investment for any kind of outdoor furniture, such as those made from plastic, wood, or metal, but are vital for wicker furniture, which is more vulnerable to exposure from harsh weather and other damages.

Furniture Cover Materials

Outdoor furniture covers are usually made from fleece-backed vinyl, and are important if you don't have an enclosed patio or other sheltered area to protect your furniture. The vinyl protects against wind, water, snow, and other elements, and the fleece side protects the furniture from scuff marks and other damage.

Although vinyl is the standard, many companies use materials such as acrylic and nylon. Some have even developed their own lightweight, sturdy material that they claim to be just as durable and lightweight as vinyl. These materials are thought to stay cooler and allow more air in to help prevent mold and mildew, and don't crack and peel the way vinyl can.

Decorative Furniture Covers

You can use covers not only to protect furniture, but also to enhance the furniture's appearance, or create a new theme without the expense of a new set of furniture. Furniture covers are available in everything from stripes to floral prints to solid colors, and styles can be changed for the season or occasion, or to suit the tastes of each member of the household. Many are also reversible.

Furniture cover patterns are also widely available, so you can make your own covers tailored to your tastes and needs.

Types of Furniture Covers

Outdoor furniture covers come in several styles, and are available for almost any kind of furniture or other outdoor fixture. Covers are made for:

Furniture covers even come in larger sizes that cover an entire furniture set. Each kind comes in several sizes and shapes. Table covers can be square, oval, round, or rectangular. Chair covers can be large, small, high-backed, or low-backed. There are also covers made specifically for wicker furniture. Covers usually fasten with elastic, ties, snaps, or buckles, and many come with storage pouches.

Outdoor furniture covers are also widely available, and can be purchased through most department stores, home supply stores, furnishings stores, or over the Internet.