For centuries, hammocks have been used as beds. Some people are afraid that they will fall out of a hammock because hammocks do not feel like they can hold you. With the proper construction, hammocks will actually roll up, surround you like a cocoon, and prevent you from falling out and hitting the ground.

Hammocks have been used in places that might surprise you. They were traditionally used by sailors on the seas because they move with the action of the waves and are safer than bunks. Hammocks were also used in space vehicles during the Apollo Space Program.

Construct of Hammocks

Do you dream about taking a nap outside in a hammock? Do long to feel to feel gentle breezes lull you into sleep? There are a variety of hammocks on the market today to meet wide ranging consumer demands.

Hammocks have been made of different materials such as cloth or a pattern of supporting twine. The cloth or twine construction is attached and stretched between two stable points above the ground.

No Trees Necessary to Construct a Hammock

No trees in the backyard for the hammock to stretch between? No problem. If you do not have two trees which are located conveniently close to each other, you can purchase hammocks with wood or metal supports so that you can spend your afternoons with a book or a snooze in your yard. You can find hammocks in this category made from several types of materials, such as traditional ropes or twines, canvas, or quilted material.

Hammocks for Kids and Couples

There are hammocks sized for children and hammocks designed so that you and someone who you love can snuggle up to each other and enjoy the afternoon or spend the night in a cool outdoors.

Hammocks for the Outdoorsy

You might also be interested in looking at hammock chairs for comfortable outdoor sitting. Do you travel and like to stay outdoors? There are perfect hammocks for you. These types of hammocks are designed to be lightweight and compact when broken down. They include supports so that you do not have to depend on finding trees which are close together. These hammocks might include:

  • Mosquito netting to protect you from pesky insects
  • Pouches for you to store your things
  • Loops from which you can hang your bags
  • Optional features to protect you from rain.

This type of hammock can be used during the hot summer months for cool sleeping or modified to so that you can deal with colder weather.