Outdoor tables are excellent for patios and garden areas. They afford all of the convenience and use of a table in the outdoors. They can be used for eating, decoration, or as a gathering area. Outdoor tables frequently come in a set, with matching chairs. They can also be made to fit large shade umbrellas to extend their use to sunny days. Because they are exposed to the elements, outdoor tables are made of sturdier materials than indoor tables.

Outdoor Patio Table Materials

For use as patio furniture, the three main materials for tables are:

  • Metal
  • Wicker
  • Wood.

1. Metal Outdoor Tables

Metal tables will either have grill-type tops, which allow water to seep through without pooling, or glass tops. Glass tops will require more maintenance. Metal tables will typically come in aluminum or wrought-iron, both of which are fairly easy to maintain and resistant to rust. Metal tables have an air of elegance and formality; they can also be very modern, depending on the style desired.

2. Wicker Tables for Outdoors

Wicker is a popular material for outdoor tables. Woven together of either natural wicker or woven-resin made to imitate wicker. If you choose wicker, make certain that it has received all-weather treatment. This way, your furniture won't need to be covered or taken inside during bad weather. Wicker and woven-resin are easy to clean. They can be hosed down, cleaned with soap and water, or vacuumed. Wicker comes in a wide variety of colors, the most popular of which is probably white.

3. Outdoor Wood Tables

Choose a hardwood that is either naturally resistant to the weather, such as teak, or that has been treated to withstand water. You will need to treat and refinish your wood table once or twice a year to prevent fading and splintering.

Decorative Outdoor Tables

For small, decorative tables, you can opt for stone or plaster-imitations of stone. These tables aren't usually meant to be very functional; they are for adding visual appeal to the garden area.