Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are devices placed out-of-doors to supply food to birds. Putting out a bird feeder is a great way to attract the color and spectacle of a variety of wild birds to your yard.

Bird Feeder Overview

They come in an array of different models suited to the preferences of species common to North America.

Most feeders are designed to distribute food to birds via:

  • Small openings called stations or ports
  • Troughs
  • Cages
  • Simple platforms.

Seeds, nectar, fruit, peanuts, and suet can fill a feeder based on its design and the diet of the birds you are hoping to attract. Hanging and pole-top model bird feeders are available in a range of sizes; materials such as wood, glass and vinyl; and decorative styles. Many bird feeders are sold with devices such as baffles or collapsible perches designed to frustrate any squirrels and chipmunks seeking an easy meal.

Basic Bird Feeders

If you want to put out a very basic bird feeder, you can place a tray on a railing or post. Fill the tray with seed to attract birds such as sparrows and cardinals. The disadvantage of this type of simple feeder is that it neither protects the seed from the elements nor from squirrels. It also leaves birds susceptible to attack from predators.

Hopper Feeders for Birds

Hopper feeders consist of a platform upon which a house-like structure forming a hopper is placed. They have clear sides so you can tell when they need to be re-filled and are suitable for all types of seed, millet, corn, and peanuts. A Hopper feeder may not protect feed from rain, so seed can be ruined in damp weather.

Tube Feeders for Birds

Tube feeders are made out of a cylinder, clear plastic or glass, that has several perching stations from which birds may feed. Choosing a tube feeder with long perches can help to ensure that it attracts both large and small seed eating birds.

Bird Globe Feeders

A wonderful feeder for attracting clinging birds is the globe feeder-a clear plastic ball filled with seed. Globes have no perches, shed rain easily, and are designed so that bird species like finches are comfortable feeding from them.

Orioles and hummingbirds like nectar. They can be attracted with nectar feeders of glass or clear plastic which hold a sugary liquid for the birds to feast on. Many other bird feeders are available including fruit, stocking, caged, suet or seed cake, and window-mounted feeders.