Fountains & Ponds

Water features can add a special ambiance and tranquility to a garden. Two types of water features popular with homeowners are fountains and ponds. Both can provide your garden a stylish focal point while filling it with the soothing sounds of flowing water. Even if you have a very small yard, you can install a fountain or pond. The design, material, and prices of these water features are all flexible enough for any taste and almost any budget.

Water Foutains

A fountain is a container for water in which is placed a structure (a jet) from which water issues. A submersible pump is used to cycle water under pressure from the container through the jet, in a manner so that the water seems to be bubbling up from the container. The water pressure can be such that the water issues forth in a tall geyser or merely enough to create a gentle flow. Fountains are often built in tiers using several basins for catching the flow of water from the jet and each basin spilling over into the next. Fountains are made from a wide variety of materials; stone, concrete, metal, resin, and fiberglass are common. There are stand-alone, wall, barrel, birdbath, statuary, pond, and pool fountains of every shape, size, color, and style imaginable. A useful feature offered with some fountains is a solar powered pump that operates off energy converted from sunlight. Other fountain options include sound generators and lighting.

Garden Ponds

A garden pond is generally a man-made feature. A hole is dug and lined with concrete, plastic, or fiberglass. Like fountains, ponds also incorporate submersible pumps. The pumps are necessary to keep water circulating. (Stagnate water in a pond is a breeding ground for algae and insects.) You can have a pond custom-built, purchase a pond kit from a specialty manufacturer or home improvement store, or, if you are up for the challenge, you can design and build your own pond. Kits often feature lightweight and realistic cast resin stones and statuary. The trend with modern garden ponds is to achieve a natural look��to make the pond seem as if it is just another part of the landscape. All sorts of plants do well in a pond setting. Plants like water lily and foxtail can be grown in the pond itself. A fountain or waterfall feature added to a pond is an excellent way to provide aeration for plants and fishes; they also add additional decoration and interest.