Sheds & Greenhouses


A shed is a generally small structure, either freestanding or attached to a larger structure. A shed is typically used for storage, as a workshop and as a retreat in which to relax and pursue hobbies such as light engineering and auto repair. It can also be designed for use as a sleeping cabin, studio, pool house, home office, or even a greenhouse.


A greenhouse is a structure, typically made from glass, in which temperature, humidity and ventilation are regulated and controlled for the cultivation or protection of various plants. Greenhouses are typically enclosed on all sides with acrylic or glass panes, including the roof. The transparent walls and roof enable maximum light and trap warmth, even amidst cold weather. Shade netting or other forms of cover can be put up within the greenhouse for plants that require partial sun. Greenhouses have traditionally been used to hold plants over cold seasons and for growing rare tropical plants. Today, greenhouses are also used to force vegetables and fruits out of season. Thus, a greenhouse in your backyard can mean beautiful flowers as well as fresh vegetables and fruits almost anytime of the year, regardless of the season.

Choosing Your Shed or Greenhouse

Depending on the intended use of a shed, many different foundational materials are available to suit the need. For instance, steel, wood and vinyl sheds are common and very suitable for gardening. Other common materials for the walls and roofs of greenhouses are double-paned glass, polycarbonate; for frames and bases, aluminum, galvanized steel and resin are common materials. Sheds and greenhouses also come in a dizzying array of styles that can make an attractive addition to your backyard. For instance, a shed can match with the Zen, Victorian, or modern theme of your house or garden. If you want a garden shed with charm, choosing details such shutters and window boxes can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the shed. Greenhouses are available in A-frame and barn shapes in a variety of styles sizes. There are even small hexagonal gazebo-style greenhouses that function as a comfortable and attractive garden solarium. Of course, quality and style do come with a price. A high-quality and attractive shed costs about $2,000 and takes about five hours to assemble, while the hexagonal gazebo-style greenhouse in glass is available for about $5,000. You can also add additional features such as a heater, fans, and lights to your shed or greenhouse.